Peters Foundation

The Peters Foundation secondary purpose is to provide educational field trips to underprivileged children for the purpose of enlightening their awareness of the importance of conservation and natural history. The Peters Foundation also makes contributions not earmarked for an activity prohibited under Section 4945 of the Code, to any other organization operated exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes under 501(c)(3) of the Code that are deemed appropriate by the Board to accomplish the exempt purposes of the Peters Foundation.


Guidelines to apply for a Grant


1. Summary: One to two paragraph summary of the major points of the proposal.

2. Introduction:  Describe overall organization: who are you and what do you do?

    For example: Mission, History, Goals & accomplishments of the organization

3. Assessment of Need:

    Why are you seeking funding?  What need does your organization/programs/  

    special project address?  How do you know that your programs/specific

    project will address the stated need?  Support your assessments with    

    evidence, such as statistics, research studies, needs assessments, etc.

4. Objectives: Indicate specific objectives and measurable outcomes

    your organization hopes to achieve.  Describe your action plan for 

    accomplishing these objectives

5. Strategy:  How do you intend to accomplish your stated objectives? Discuss     

    your approach/method and how it relates to the needs and objectives.

6. Evaluation: How will you know that your organization is achieving the

    stated objectives?

7. Budget:  Include a detailed budget following the format included with the Grant



Send to:           Scot Leonard

                        Peters Foundation